• Why You Should Consider BPM

    Business Process Management

    End to End Performance

    An integrated and collaborative vision of your business processes will place all of your stakeholders in a collective dynamic with the common goal of putting your customer in the center. Thanks to BPM, the strong digital links between different business functions and information systems will be a key factor of EFFICIENCY.

    Enduring Performance

    Your business processes must adapt to a less predictable market with new competitors, new digital practices, greater customer interaction, and shorter cycles for projects or new products developments. AGILITY of BPM is very powerful in dealing with ongoing change, keeping business processes and IT in line with your strategy.

  • We support process optimization and build platform based apps to automate and monitor your processes

  • Your BPM journey with Indigo as a partner

    A French-American company,​ driven by the business value delivered to customers

    Exclusive Focus on BPM

    As a specialist, we focus on process reengineering and BPM System implementation. Starting in France two years ago, we have expanded to the US where we will continue to help customers make their business processes more efficient, measurable and agile. By sharing our deep knowledge of tools and our best practices, we help you to gain value out of your BPM platform.

    Proven tools and methodology

    From a single process to a global and systemic approach, our BPM methodology and low-code platform, Bonita, will meet both your business and IT needs. Thanks to a common graphic language and a unique collective and Agile solution building process, we deliver smart, accurate business apps and have higher user adoption. Our approach empowers business users to industrialize their processes and incorporate changes with minimum IT intervention.

  • We involve all the stakeholders from the beginning of the project and keep them in the loop until completion

  • Solutions

    We work together to customize solution to your biggest challenges

    Platform Setup




    Portal customization

    Process Reengineering

    Business processes and IT mapping


    Value Stream Mapping

    Kaizen workshop

    Continuous improvement


    App Deployment

    Process BPMN modeling

    Business data and rules collection

    Interface design

    Implementation in the platform

  • As our unique software partner, Bonita is strongly involved in projects led by Indigo.

    “Bonita BPM is the only open-source product that meets Gartner's definition of a BPMS.”


  • Services

    We provide an array of services to adress your current BPM needs

    Diagnostics & Business Case

    Pilot Project

    Agile BPM program

    Expertise & Coaching

    App Management

    Governance support

  • Delivery Process

    Agile approach

    Iterative Co-building

    No prior specifications needed, we collect business data, rules and expectations, in a continuous way, in order to build the functional, organizational and operational views of the processes. Cycle after cycle, apps keep improving until all the users' requirements are addressed, while the enterprise BPM Framework expands.

  • Why you should trust Indigo

    Involvement - Cooperation - Innovation


    Exclusive focus on BPM


    Changes are welcomed

    Cheaper & Faster

    Compared to traditional approaches


    Respectful of uniqueness

    Outcome oriented

    Driven by both customer & user-centric thinking

    Strong technical skills

    Bonitasoft experts

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